Company Description:

Enginomix provides the resources and facilitates the process of creating a computer model of a renewable or conventional power plant, chemical plant, or propulsion system.  Working within the IPSEpro open-equation modeling environment, Enginomix provides the software, training, and consulting needed to create an accurate thermodynamic and economic model that can be used to efficiently and effectively design, analyze, and optimize energy systems.


With the heat balance and process simulation package IPSEpro, Enginomix provides one of the most comprehensive and versatile process modeling systems available today. IPSEpro with its various modules supports users throughout the entire lifecycle of a process plant, from conceptual design to on-line plant performance monitoring and optimization.


Enginomix provides a wide range of services. This includes implementing customized solutions on the basis of IPSEpro as well as consultancy, comprehensive studies and research in the field of process analysis. Through these services, clients benefit directly from Enginomix’s core competence, a combination of sound knowledge in process engineering, computing and mathematics.