EPP_Lib Version 1.31 R4 Released

September 21, 2015: Enginomix announced the release of v1.31 (R4) of EPP_Lib, Enginomix’s flagship model library for the IPSEpro process simulation framework. Enginomix is currently working on updated versions of key dependent libraries, including EPP_CSP_Lib, EPP_CSP_CO2_Lib and EPP_CO2_Lib. As soon as these companion libraries are available, an accouncement will be posted. Contact Enginomix for access passwords, assistance, or more information.

The latest release of EPP_Lib (v31, Release 4) includes  minor bug fixes and enancements made since the previous release of v31 (Release 3). These include:

  • adjusted icon sizes and added additional graphics for EPP_W_Pump and EPP_G_Fan (to correct minor issues reported making connections on edge of icons)
  • corrected the calculations for sensible energy content of secondary air stream and fuel gas streams for boiler icons (EPP_W_Boiler, EPP_W_PackageBoiler and EPP_W_PackageBoiler_EC) and combustor icon (EPP_Combustor)
  • For combustor icon (EPP_Combustor), corrected the calculation for sensible energy content of the fuel gas stream and adjusted the enthalpy offset calculation for H2O injection stream
  • Adjusted equations in attemperator icon (EPP_W_Attemperator) to better handle situations where there is no flow (main flow and control flow are both 0.0)

Some of the enhancements included in the earlier v31 releases of EPP_Lib include:

  • additional icon models for the new PackageBoiler icon, including streamlined options with fewer variables
  • new icon model for the gas fan (EPP_G_Fan) icon incorporating industry-standard terminology and calculations
  • optional secondary air/EGR inlet port for boiler icons (EPP_W_Boiler and the new EPP_W_PackageBoiler)
  • new condensate tank icon (EPP_W_Tank) with 1-6 inlet streams and 1-2 outlet streams
  • new options and inputs for oil as a fuel (EPP_Fuel_Source icon), including API degree/SG/density and a library of common fuel oils.
  • double-flow ST icons (modified icon represenations – calculations remain the same)
  • additional icon representations for heat exchangers (EPP_W_Htex) and feedwater heater (EPP_W_FWH)
  • new drum icon model (EPP_W_Drum3) with up to three inlet streams
  • new sample model for saturated steam cycle (i.e., nuclear steam cycle)

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