About Us

The Principals:

Michael Erbes: Mike has a Ph.D. from Stanford in Mechanical Engineering and was a co-founder of Enter Software, Inc. in 1988.  Mike was the original architect and author of the GateCycle power plant design and analysis software program. Enter Software was acquired by GE in 1999, after which Mike continued working on Enter Software’s product lines. He also led GE Power System’s Software Technology Board until his departure from GE.

R. F. (Bert) Bell: Bert has a M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford and an M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech. Bert was the chief software architect/computer scientist for Enter Software (and later GE Enter Software), responsible for the overall software architecture (database, analysis and GUI) for most of the company’s major software projects, including GateCycle, TAG Supply (for EPRI), and early versions of EfficiencyMap.

Our mailing address and phone are:

Enginomix LLC
P.O. Box 850 Menlo Park,
CA 94026-0850
(650) 289-0670