Biomass (PGP_Lib)

SimTech, the developers of IPSEpro, have recently announced the commercial release of PGP_Lib, a library focused on process modeling for biomass pyrolysis, combustion and gasification systems. Vienna University of Techonology first developed PGP_Lib and it has been used for many years to design and analyze actual operating biomass-fueled plants. In 2008, SimTech took over development and support for PGP_Lib and is now offering it for license along with its other commercial libraries for power and chemical conversion applications.

Using IPSEpro and PGP_Lib, you will be able to model various biomass conversion systems and technologies. These include combustion, pyrolysis, gasification and gas cleanup applications. You can also combine PGP_Lib with other IPSEpro libraries for power system modeling, such as EPP_Lib, to provide best-in-class modeling for biomass conversion and power generation processes. The IPSEpro Pyrolysis and Gasification Process library includes physical properties for organic solid and liquid fuel streams, water/steam streams, and gas streams with optional entrained dust, char and tar components. Icon component models are included for key biomass process equipment, including combustors, gasifiers, gas oxidation reactors, water quench units, scrubbers, steam reforming reactors, fuel dryers, compressors, condensers, gas engines, steam and gas turbines, heat exchangers, pipes, pumps, and other key process equipment.