Plant Operations Suite

What is the IPSEpro Plant Operation Suite?

The IPSEpro Plant Operation Suite is an on-line performance monitoring and optimization system that is fully integrated into the IPSEpro framework of applications.

IPSEpro Plant Operation Suite helps your staff to predict the most profitable way to run your plant, and to measure and track plant performance changes.

IPSEpro Plant Operation Suite offers you the following benefits:

  • Enhanced profitability by providing optimum values of operating parameters.
  • Improved performance through the identification of degradation.
  • Identification of faulty sensors and inconsistent measurements.
  • Increased reliability through better knowledge of your plant’s operation.

IPSEpro Plant Operation Suite is highly flexible and customizable so that it can be efficiently adjusted for a wide range of applications. It provides the following features:

  • Models exactly tuned for your plant’s requirements, due to IPSEpro’s capability to create and modify component models.
  • Seamless integration with virtually any plant data management (PDM) system, including OSIsoft’s PI and proprietary PDM systems on the basis of Oracle and Sybase databases.
  • Optimization based on physical plant models.
  • Data Validation.
  • Sharing of plant models with off-line system for investigation of “What-if” scenarios.

Plant Operation Suite Deployment

Depending on your preferences, we can install a completely configured Plant Operation Suite or we can customized Plant Operation Suite together with your performance engineers and operating staff.

Major Modules of the Plant Operation Suite