Refrigeration (Frigo_Lib)

The refrigeration process library is a component model library that enables its user to calculate the thermodynamic properties of more than fifty refrigerants, to model a number of advanced thermal compression processes, and to evaluate environmental refrigerants. To come up with the high user demands for accuracy, stability and performance at the calculation of thermodynamic properties, the whole development focuses on the most accurate calculation models available at the moment.

The whole library was developed in compliance with a data material, which was, among other things, used by the NIST for the development of a reference data program (U.S. National Institute of Standard and Technology). The data material corresponds with the actual standard in the determination of the thermodynamic properties of refrigerants.

In the center of development were the design and the realization of a software tool that returns reliable result over the whole area from the triple point to the critical point of the pure fluid, respectively the critical area of a mixture. The software tool should present high calculation performance and additionally should come up to the high demands in user friendliness.

The Refrigeration Process Library can be used in combination with the following IPSEpro libraries:

This makes it possible to investigate gas turbine driven (absorption) chilling systems and complete trigeneration systems.